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Congratulations on the arrival of your little one.  I remember how deeply in love I fell for my own.  It’s a remarkable time in your family life.  I will do my best to capture all those little fingers and toes so you can hang on to them even when they are too big to sit in your lap.  Your baby is going to do everything he or she is supposed to do.  The following information are solely suggestions and are not going to determine the success of your session because, let’s face it–they are PERFECT EXACTLY THE WAY THEY ARE.

I do my best to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable the entire shoot. This type of personal attention will insure you the best combination of artful photographs and experience possible.



About Your Newborn Session:

Call or text me when you arrive and I will come out to give you a PERMIT for parking in any of the PERMIT marked spaces.  I will also take anything or anyone you’d like to leave with me while you park. (Of course this does not apply if you have purchased the mobile studio option.)

wrapped baby, white wrapDo NOT bathe your baby 24 hours before the scheduled shoot.

Your newborn’s safety and comfort are my first priorities.

Please try to do a full feeding when your arrive (or when I arrive).

I will have props already set for the session.

Special items made for baby can be included in the session.

You are welcome to bring food and/or drinks since the session will take approximately 3 hours.

Be prepared for a warm setting for baby’s comfort.

Siblings are welcome for the first 15 mins of the session for family pictures.

Natural light is used for the session unless weather or window light is not sufficient and then studio light is used.

If you have a pacifier please bring it…even if you don’t normally use it or even plan to.

Gallery will be ready in about 2 weeks.  15-20 images fully hand processed is the average amount in your gallery.



As a former teacher, and now as an active parent in my own kids' school I love to help rally community and fundraise with my photography services. This works best with my mini sessions which don't come around very often. I work with your school's parent-teacher group much like we would with a restaurant dine-out where a percentage of the proceeds go right back to your school. We pick dates and locations, parents sign up through you. I take care of the rest!

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