What We Can Learn From The LGBTQ Community

I always come to the same conclusion–it’s not my story to tell. Every time I sit down to write about a session I ask myself, “Do I make this about myself or about them?”  I am honored to have the pleasure of meeting each and every one of my clients and getting to know them in my attempts to make them comfortable in front of my camera and in front of me–sometimes a complete stranger.

I figure this story I am telling is being told from my perspective. Afterall, it’s my eye that made these photographs, therefore the writing should also come from my understanding. These clients, friends, families, kids are trusting me to tell their story. I want nothing more than to honor that.

My personal experience with people who are gay and lesbian is rather limited. I don’t have any friends in the LGBTQ community and I have no explanation for why not. It was never an issue for me. I’m all for being the person you were meant to be and be with the person you were meant to be with! Friendships just never happened. I recently had the privilege to work with two different couples and they taught me so much probably without knowing it. I just wish I knew it sooner. 

Gender roles are just a ridiculous social construct. Yep. With LGBTQ couples, the “roles” are just more fluid. I cannot assume who will lead the dip or whose hand will land on top. But as I was preparing for these sessions it occurred to me that the roles in my heterosexual house are fluid too. In fact, many traditional poses can go either way. Once I embraced this and got over the fear of saying something offensive, I was able to get to work and capture the love these couples have for each other. And it was nothing but beautiful!

I can’t wait to do more of these! With any luck, I’ll be seeing more of these two. They are over the moon for each other. Their happiness is contagious.

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Cousins: Summer Time Means Beach Time

Growing up in the continental US’s most southwesterly city, Imperial Beach, comes with a surf culture and a small town feel. With only one high school, everybody knows everybody. I grew up in a neighboring city but frequented this beach in my youth and even used to lifeguard there. A part of me felt right at home.

These three hooligans felt right at home too. It because plainly obvious within the first 5 minutes. This cousin trio were out to get some great pictures for grandma for a later and personal birthday surprise–prints for her wall! We started off as most sessions do, not sure of what to do or put our hands. But you can see how that didn’t last and the kids showed me just how silly they could be. The evening closed out with wet and sandy kids. And in my house, the amount of dirt on you is directly proportional to the amount of fun you had.









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