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Welcome Number Four

Welcome home little man. Here is your family. Here is your home. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. You have two big sisters who are ready to to teach you how to use the ipad and maybe one day the car. You have a big brother who is dying to get into trouble with you. And let’s not forget your mom and dad. Oh how they cherish you! I know because I saw it. I saw all fo this. I am so happy that this is where you have been placed. These moments are not ones you will be able to recall, but you will hear all about them. Sweet dreams little man. Sweet dreams.


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Family In-Home Newborn Session Reveals Who Wears The First Born Crown


This new little family of three is actually a family of four.

dog split

I know better than to tell this family that once the baby is born your four legged family member becomes “the dog.” I remember feeling appalled when someone had said that during my pregnancy.


So I did my best to make sure I got a few pictures of Olive, the dog (not the baby). But I must say that I got more than just the one or two I intended. After all this is a newborn session, right?


blog 2x2



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