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Welcome Number Four

Welcome home little man. Here is your family. Here is your home. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. You have two big sisters who are ready to to teach you how to use the ipad and maybe one day the car. You have a big brother who is dying to get into trouble with you. And let’s not forget your mom and dad. Oh how they cherish you! I know because I saw it. I saw all fo this. I am so happy that this is where you have been placed. These moments are not ones you will be able to recall, but you will hear all about them. Sweet dreams little man. Sweet dreams.


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Toddler Life is Magical

These two kiddos went nonstop, and I was only too happy to try to keep up. Oh my stars, this was just one morning of fun! 

We started off the morning with some books and a light “game” of Chutes and Ladders. Classic, right? But then we went on and moved into the kids’ bedrooms. There we found tents, a much loved Daddy Doll, and out came the capes. Looking at the photos, I can still hear the sound of those bare feet hitting the wooden floor. There was just a small pocket of light in the dark hallway where I could catch the movement of the little girl’s delight in the mask.

Making the most of the morning, we all moved outside to the water table. This little guy with the hose was not going to disappoint. I think it was the highlight of his morning, or maybe it was the popsicle. After some swing time, we got back into the water. There was no shortage of squeals in the big beach ball sprinkler. No need to put bathing suits back on. Go big, or go home. 

And what’s not a toddler morning without bubbles and sidewalk chalk? 

I was so grateful for the opportunity to capture the magic of these days. My kids are now into sports and Minecraft. I fondly remember these days. They were a lot of work, but boy are they magical.

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San Diego Family Urban Scape: Little Italy

I have the most wonderful job–watching families grow and change. This family has been with me for four years and every time I see them I am taken back with how much their beautiful little red head baby girl has matured. She has a sparkle and a spunk that makes any session a whirlwind and fun! I get to wear my running shoes and leave my camera in high burst mode just so I can keep up. The bright color palette mom chose fits their energetic personalities and the color we find in through out San Diego’s Little Italy and Downtown urban neighborhoods.








Photographing the First Day of School

Can you smell it? Going back to school is in the air! New clothes, backpacks, school supplies, new teachers, and new friends. Yep! Lots to be excited about.

It’s a great time to get your kids in front of the camera and snap a milestone picture. And since you already have the camera out, here are some things you can do to make the most of the opportunity!

1. Get the details. That backpack looks pretty good right now, and so do those shoes. Get the details–hairstyles, missing teeth, and the like. Have your kiddo put everything on and zoom in on those details.


2. Use signage. You’ve seen these. Have your kiddo hold a sign and answer a few questions like what she or he wants to be when they grow up or their favorite food. Include this on your sign. If your penmanship is daunting, then consider adding it in later in any kind of text over picture program, like Canva or InstaQuote. If you are going to go this route remember to leave space in the frame for the words to go.

negative space

3. Friends are great too! Walking to school together? Great! Step back and get the pack walking away from you. Find a wall or another clean background and have them either lean up against it or lean on each other. Get low and think of a funny joke to make them laugh like, “Santa Clause wears Captain America underpants.”

Wish them well and give them embarrassingly long hugs. And take a moment to hand the camera over to someone (even if its another kid) and have them take a picture of you with your child. They will thank you later. Good luck!

moms first day of school

Family In-Home Newborn Session Reveals Who Wears The First Born Crown


This new little family of three is actually a family of four.

dog split

I know better than to tell this family that once the baby is born your four legged family member becomes “the dog.” I remember feeling appalled when someone had said that during my pregnancy.


So I did my best to make sure I got a few pictures of Olive, the dog (not the baby). But I must say that I got more than just the one or two I intended. After all this is a newborn session, right?


blog 2x2



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