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Welcome Number Four

Welcome home little man. Here is your family. Here is your home. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. You have two big sisters who are ready to to teach you how to use the ipad and maybe one day the car. You have a big brother who is dying to get into trouble with you. And let’s not forget your mom and dad. Oh how they cherish you! I know because I saw it. I saw all fo this. I am so happy that this is where you have been placed. These moments are not ones you will be able to recall, but you will hear all about them. Sweet dreams little man. Sweet dreams.


An in home family session is easier than you think! Find out all the reasons you might want to consider an in home session versus a studio session for your newborn and your family.

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Can I bring the dog?

Can I bring the dog? This is one of the most asked questions I get! YES!! I have a dog, a pitbull mix I picked up from the pound. They really aren’t an issue for me, but you should always ask your photographer if this is ok with them. I am particularly happy to photograph your whole family because–and I don’t have to tell you this–they carry a part of your heart. I know how my kids feel about Sadie and how she feels about them. She’s a huge part of their childhood. How could we choose to ignore it.

With all of that said there are some things you must consider when including your family pet, and that is them. Lets start with the basics.

  1. Bring a leash, the one you always use or treat them to a new one that coordinates with your outfit. New environments can be overwhelming. We wouldn’t want your session to take a nose dive because Rex ran after a squirl and now you can’t get him back. This would bring tears.
  2. Water and a container they can drink from. Also for their best interests.
  3. Bags for messes. Do I need to explain? 

And now for the not so obvious…

  1. Treats. These can really help with getting your dog’s attention but work with your photographer on who should be holding it. They are a great tool but can be a complete distraction if not used appropriately.
  2. A resusable grocery bag for all the stuff. I recommend this whether you bring your dog or not. We need a place for keys, wallets, and other odds and ends. It’s also a good idea because we wouldn’t want to put your purse on the ground either.
  3. An extra person. Yes. Bring a “dog sitter.” This can be your best friend, your mom, or the kid from down the street. There will be moment where you don’t really want the dog in the photo and someone needs to hang on to them. Don’t count on your photographer doing it because she’s holding the camera still.

And finally, the thing you should consider most when decididng to bring Fido is the location. It can be somewhat limiting because not all parks and beaches allow for such company. So if you are good with your local choices then game on!

Bring Your Whatever Face

Take me to a field you say! You’ve got it!

There are many rewarding aspects of my job–meeting new people, playing with light, inventing fun, watching the snuggles, showing off the images, editing (yes, I even like editing–it’s where I learn), and then installing them just so I can take pleasure in watching mom and dad gaze at the memories adorned on the wall. But falling in love with these families is what I do best.



And whatever version of self you bring…

…we will make it work. Not every picture has to be smiley and perfect. We are real. We are authentic. We are who we are. Every¬†face those little cherubs make, we will want to remember.


As much as I love crying pictures, I love laughing pictures. They are magical!!!

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Book your session and bring what ever game face you decide to wear that day.

Welcome Oliver

I was so happy to get the chance to meet Little Oliver! Mom & Dad have a cozy, hip apartment in the heart of Hillcrest and were both so happy to have him in their arms. Going for a more neutral color palate we stuck with whites and creams that would complement any wall color or decor. He’s been a good day sleeper, so you know that means there is a party in his crib every night. Congratulations on the start of a new loving and beautiful family!