What We Can Learn From The LGBTQ Community

I always come to the same conclusion–it’s not my story to tell. Every time I sit down to write about a session I ask myself, “Do I make this about myself or about them?”  I am honored to have the pleasure of meeting each and every one of my clients and getting to know them in my attempts to make them comfortable in front of my camera and in front of me–sometimes a complete stranger.

I figure this story I am telling is being told from my perspective. Afterall, it’s my eye that made these photographs, therefore the writing should also come from my understanding. These clients, friends, families, kids are trusting me to tell their story. I want nothing more than to honor that.

My personal experience with people who are gay and lesbian is rather limited. I don’t have any friends in the LGBTQ community and I have no explanation for why not. It was never an issue for me. I’m all for being the person you were meant to be and be with the person you were meant to be with! Friendships just never happened. I recently had the privilege to work with two different couples and they taught me so much probably without knowing it. I just wish I knew it sooner. 

Gender roles are just a ridiculous social construct. Yep. With LGBTQ couples, the “roles” are just more fluid. I cannot assume who will lead the dip or whose hand will land on top. But as I was preparing for these sessions it occurred to me that the roles in my heterosexual house are fluid too. In fact, many traditional poses can go either way. Once I embraced this and got over the fear of saying something offensive, I was able to get to work and capture the love these couples have for each other. And it was nothing but beautiful!

I can’t wait to do more of these! With any luck, I’ll be seeing more of these two. They are over the moon for each other. Their happiness is contagious.

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Welcome Number Four

Welcome home little man. Here is your family. Here is your home. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. You have two big sisters who are ready to to teach you how to use the ipad and maybe one day the car. You have a big brother who is dying to get into trouble with you. And let’s not forget your mom and dad. Oh how they cherish you! I know because I saw it. I saw all fo this. I am so happy that this is where you have been placed. These moments are not ones you will be able to recall, but you will hear all about them. Sweet dreams little man. Sweet dreams.


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The Ultimate Family Heirloom


My grandmother’s quinceanera photo is a large 11×17 format print. I love this thing. It’s old and damaged on the corners. The paper is soft and glossy at the same time. It’s currently in the same frame she put it in during the 1940’s, gold and thin. I have it and I won’t ever throw it away. Ever. But where do I put it?

There is much to be said about wall gallery art. It makes for a welcoming living room. Kids’ portraits are said to be boosting for their self esteem. It’s a great way to celebrate family. You will enjoy it for 20 years. But then what?

Being able to put these personal family images away and pull them out again is a treat. I call albums the ultimate heirloom because these will outlast your wall galleries and large format prints. They will outlast your digital files which will get swallowed up into the abyss that is our photo collection on our phones.

They can be put out on display. They can be put away. They can be enjoyed again and again. And it only gets better with age.

I make a family year book each calendar year and print two identical ones since it is no more work to order two. The reason for two is that I have two boys. One day, like their wedding day or when they have kids of their own, or even when I am long gone, they will be given their copy. We will have gone through them together. They will remember sitting on my lap looking at the memories we have collected together. They joy we brought each other. And the lessons we learned.

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Interior design by Oscar Bravo Home.



San Diego Family Urban Scape: Little Italy

I have the most wonderful job–watching families grow and change. This family has been with me for four years and every time I see them I am taken back with how much their beautiful little red head baby girl has matured. She has a sparkle and a spunk that makes any session a whirlwind and fun! I get to wear my running shoes and leave my camera in high burst mode just so I can keep up. The bright color palette mom chose fits their energetic personalities and the color we find in through out San Diego’s Little Italy and Downtown urban neighborhoods.








Bring Your Whatever Face

Take me to a field you say! You’ve got it!

There are many rewarding aspects of my job–meeting new people, playing with light, inventing fun, watching the snuggles, showing off the images, editing (yes, I even like editing–it’s where I learn), and then installing them just so I can take pleasure in watching mom and dad gaze at the memories adorned on the wall. But falling in love with these families is what I do best.



And whatever version of self you bring…

…we will make it work. Not every picture has to be smiley and perfect. We are real. We are authentic. We are who we are. Every¬†face those little cherubs make, we will want to remember.


As much as I love crying pictures, I love laughing pictures. They are magical!!!

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