Gratitude Will Get You Everything

Yes, it’s 3:00 am and I am up watching more YouTube.  No I am not watching how to make the little cat eyes wings with my eyeliner (although I keep meaning to) or how to change out the garbage disposal.  I am learning Photoshop.

I am the photographer I am because of my drive to learn and it is so much fun.  Being an artist, being able to create and share, is so much fun.  I am one of those people who don’t have “to work a day in my life.”

But I couldn’t have done any of it on my own.  I have people.  I have a team.

Professional photographers who have mentored have made the greatest impact on my work. Thank you Heather Martin and Ashley DuChane for the vote of confidence and training my “eye”. Thank you David Difantorum for talking me through those creative struggles that any artist goes through. And all the amazing women I met at the Click Away 2014 conference.

brothers, boys, Thank you to my friends Shannon, Amanda, Lynda, Lisa, Elyse, Ingrid, Amy, Vanessa, Leslie, and Daniella for watching my boys as if they were your own while I am off shooting and editing. Thank you for those earlier years of starter photos. You’ve been incredibly loyal and I couldn’t do it with out you saying yes.

We can’t forget the my mother-in-law who has been my biggest cheerleader.

Thank you to my mom who bought my first two DSLR cameras.

And the biggest thank you goes to my husband and kids for understanding the hours I spend at my computer. The over-time hours that has been passed up. Thank you for posing for me. And thank you for the thumbs up at every picture I made them look at. I love you.

I am blessed and I know it.