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I can't say enough about Leyna! She has such a special way of making each session feel like a fun family playdate and she just "happens" to be there taking pictures (which works wonders for my son and husband who do not like having their pictures taken). We recently had a family session done and brought the family dog along for the first time. Leyna was not afraid to get on the floor, bark like a dog, or tell a joke or two in order to capture the perfect shot. I love that she was able to capture my family having fun and loving one another in a natural way, rather than forced smiles and awkward poses.

Leyna's stellar service extends beyond the photo session and into your home. She presents many different options for displaying your photos and then works with you to make sure you get exactly what you want.We ordered a wall display of 5 photos and the best part is that she came back to install them herself. From start to finish, Leyna is so talented and amazing at what she does! You will not be disappointed!!



Leyna is amazing at her craft! She's talented, kind and honest. As a business owner, I am acutely aware of how quality vs quantity is a dying service. That is not the case when choosing Leyna as your photographer. You are getting unique picture that capture the essence of your family and creative eye that is different from most standard part-time hobbyists. Choosing Leyna is the best choice to capture the important moments in your life. Thank you for making this mom happy!




We have been working with Leyna for a number of years now, and we have never been disappointed in the quality of her work. If you have kids, she is the greatest at getting them to smile naturally, so you don't get a bunch of pictures with fake smiles. She does this by building rapport with them from the very start. If you have a need for a professional photographer in your life, choose Leyna


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Leyna is a wonderful photographer! Not only are photographs beautiful, but she is very professional. She came to our home in Carlsbad when our baby was just 8 days old. Shows easy to work with, very patient and wonderful with our older boys as well. She was able to get them to relax and laugh or smile for some natural shots. She was willing to wait for a feeding or diaper change and made our session so comfortable. I really can't say enough about her, or our experience with her. If you need a family photographer please give her a call; you won't regret it.


It was by chance that Leyna and I met. I bed on a raffle at a charity function and I won a photo session with Leyna. From the get go, Leyna was friendly, personable, accommodating and professional. I have always wanted to take photos of my family by a professional photographer. Up until this point, I have settled for the studios in our local malls. Wow, the results of our photo shoot make me regret not meeting Leyna sooner. Their are a million photographers out there and I always was concerned about finding a really really good one. Fate was on my side because not only was I able to help a friend a local charity, but I found my photographer. Leyna is great and her pictures prove it. She was awesome with my 7 year old son and my 14 year old daughter. She was able to capture her true spirit and she used tricks of the trade to get smiles and laughter out of us when needed. There was even a moment Leyna went out of her way to provide encouragement and support to my daughter during a moment of self-depreciation. Leyna was spot on and I couldn't have said things better myself. Family and friends love our pictures. We plan on using Leyna's skills for years to come. It's comforting to know I have a photographer for those special occasions that will pop up throughout our lives and we are privileged to know that Leyna will help us document these special moments.


I needed a new portrait on very short notice for a national magazine publication. Leyna learned of my SOS and called me right away. Although she had a client in the morning, she was able to find time to meet me at a locale of my choosing. Before we met in person, she sent me a picture of herself so I knew how look for and when we met at the designated time she had already scoped out the are, which really expedited my time and hers. We were able to streamline the top 5 or 6 images right away but equally impressive was her commitment to touch up the final image of choice that same day. She met all my needs and truly exceeded my expectations. I've known some photographers for years show didn't extend this level of service to me. I consider being profiled in a national publication an important opportunity and as such, I am proud to write this letter of endorsement for Leyna and her photography services! And I like the result so much that her photo has become my profile picture across all media platforms!! Thank you Leyna.


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