Welcome Home USS San Diego

san diego military homecoming photographer

Every military homecoming is different. It's fun for me. It keeps me on my toes. One thing is for certain though, the service person due to arrive is adored by their friends and family. Matt was serving aboard the USS San Diego and the aniticipation of his arrival was a heavy one. He would be arriving the day before his daughter's 2nd birthday. He had been deployed in October so he missed all the big holidays that would normally bring...

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The Family Dog

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I had a pet cotton ball when I was a kid. I understand now why my mom didn't need an added responsibilty on top of raising three girls under the age of five. No matter how much I begged, it wasn't going to happen. Oliver, the cotton ball, was cute and fuzzy, and he lived in a baby food jar. I even poked holes in the lid so he could breathe. I'd even go as far as tying a string...

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Family Dreams

older kids, san diego military family, high school kids, parenting teens, family goals

I remember when I was dreaming of what it would be like when I started a family. I thought about what that would look like when they were little. It was romantic with a bit of reality mixed in. It included cleaning the mess from the kids having too much fun in the tub, watching my dedicated husband teach the kids about football, and reading bedtime stories in all the funny voices.  I forgot to dream of what that family...

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Welcome Number Four

newborn, newborn stretch, newborn lifestyle

Welcome home little man. Here is your family. Here is your home. You are loved beyond your wildest dreams. You have two big sisters who are ready to to teach you how to use the ipad and maybe one day the car. You have a big brother who is dying to get into trouble with you. And let's not forget your mom and dad. Oh how they cherish you! I know because I saw it. I saw all fo this....

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Embrace The Movement

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No matter what kind of industry you're in, it feels great to work with people who trust and belive in you! I have watched this family grow and move through life since our Stroller Strides days. This is not their first session with me. I am proud to say that they happily give me their full confidence. This gives me a little more wiggle room to do what I do best--getting families to play games with each other to ensure...

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Can I bring the dog?

San Diego Family Photographer

Can I bring the dog? This is one of the most asked questions I get! YES!! I have a dog, a pitbull mix I picked up from the pound. They really aren't an issue for me, but you should always ask your photographer if this is ok with them. I am particularly happy to photograph your whole family because--and I don't have to tell you this--they carry a part of your heart. I know how my kids feel about Sadie...

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Home is the Backyard

family, backyard, traditional portrait, family of five

When you have little ones the easiest place for everyone to be together is at home. No packing, bags, strollers, or snacks to be packed. Just open the back door and go! These three little girls were full of stories and giggles and fun. We started in the garden but quickly moved on to the deck with the bubble machine making a bit of magic of its own. Then dad stepped in. No need for a swing set because dad...

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Welcome Home USS Carl Vinson

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Oh, how painfully true that is. Homecomings are the true testament of it.  Every military homecoming is different. Different in location, in crowds, in wait times, in family situation, in age of the kids, in who is coming home. This one was different because, as big as these hugs were, they are a newly blended family. The kids are twelve years old and twins. When I walked up and met them the son was...

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Toddler Life is Magical

These two kiddos went nonstop, and I was only too happy to try to keep up. Oh my stars, this was just one morning of fun!  We started off the morning with some books and a light "game" of Chutes and Ladders. Classic, right? But then we went on and moved into the kids' bedrooms. There we found tents, a much loved Daddy Doll, and out came the capes. Looking at the photos, I can still hear the sound of...

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Laughing Out Loud

Happiness, joy, glee. Bring it on! The session was inspired by the anticipation of baby number four. There was so much energy and action throughout this session it made for a conversation to be had between the giggles. Dad was a talented wrangler. Mom was just gorgeous with her head dress and her perfect baby bump. The girls was just sweet with their smiles, hugs and laughing fits. And their little boy was more than ready to show off his...

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