The Artist

Leyna Butcher, porch, blue shirt, stairs

My professional career leaded me towards teaching, first medically fragile special education and later high school math. I got married, had two boys 18 months apart, and got my hands on my first DSLR. As a a high schooler in the 90’s I ran around with a pager and a Canon point n shoot ready to document my high school life and get pictures published in the yearbook or school newspaper. Once I decided I was not going back to teaching, I got to come back to photography when I couldn’t take enough pictures of my growing babies.

Just like any of us, I look at my kids and see something that no one else does–the miracle of being a parent. The squishy hugs and the sticky hands made up for the spilled Cherrios and Lego boobie traps.

The importance of capturing these moments was driven home for me after my father died when I was fourteen. We went through the few possessions he had, we found all kinds of keepsakes. My sister and I fought over the photos which were split among us. This was it. There wasn’t going to be anymore.

As your family portrait photographer I know you are watching your children change before your eyes and all you can do is scramble to hang on to the memories–the way they hold your hand, the wobbly steps and tumbles, the cuddle time in bed. I like to play games, make funny noises, throw leaves, play chase, and go on scavenger hunts.  I bring these tools with me making sure you get an authentic experience and great pictures to prove it.

Start your booking by contacting me today. I want to hear more about your family and what your memory will be.

Happy Moments,
Leyna Butcher

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