Clickin Walk San Diego 2018

In 2015 participated in my first Clickin Walk, which is essentially a photographer meet up where we go and take pictures of whatever strikes us. There were only 5 of us. In fact, it was my second instagram post.

Fast forward to the 2108 Clickin Walk and we had about 40 women take over the streets in North Park! They are not just in San Diego, but Clickin Moms sets up a weekend and groups meet up all over the world!

And what’s the point of taking photos if they are not to share? So we share what we have in the online forum and can even submit our images for a little friendly competition. These women are extremely talented in their composition and in their post processing. However friendly, it’s pretty amazing to be picked out among them.

I was pretty shocked and flattered when I was named one of the finalists in the Things catagory!

photo walk san diego

Obviously I was standing in the middle of the street when I took this. I took it because it pissed me off. It reminds of the person who doesn’t put the cap back on the toothpaste. This person just said, “Nah, that’s good enough,” and clocked out. I mean, why not put it back the way they found it? I’m not sure if I held up any cars to get this.

Anyway, North Park has a lot to offer. I’d love to use it for a portrait session soon. Here are some of the other photos I took on that day.

photo walk san diegophoto walk san diego

I’ve done these walks a few times on my own and I love bringing friends. Your skill level does not matter. Instead of meeting up for coffee, we meet up to shoot! It’s refreshing and my favorite way to reconnect with friends. It’s my version of a play date.

As a former teacher, and now as an active parent in my own kids' school I love to help rally community and fundraise with my photography services. This works best with my mini sessions which don't come around very often. I work with your school's parent-teacher group much like we would with a restaurant dine-out where a percentage of the proceeds go right back to your school. We pick dates and locations, parents sign up through you. I take care of the rest!

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