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The Family Dog

I had a pet cotton ball when I was a kid. I understand now why my mom didn’t need an added responsibilty on top of raising three girls under the age of five. No matter how much I begged, it wasn’t going to happen.

Oliver, the cotton ball, was cute and fuzzy, and he lived in a baby food jar. I even poked holes in the lid so he could breathe. I’d even go as far as tying a string around him and take him for walks. Sounds desperate, right?

Eventhough Oliver didn’t lick my face or require much of my affection, he was big part of my childhood. That can go without saying because here I am over thirty years later still talking about him. 

If this is how I feel about a cotton ball, I can only imagine how family pets are a huge part of our childhood memories. This is why I warn to include them in family pictures too. But enough about me.

This family has had Snickers before they had the kids. As ineveitable, the dachsund is getting up there in years. He was obvisouly not feeling well when they called to see if I could come by and get a family picture that would include their four legged family member. I wanted to convey how they felt about him. I came over immediately because things were, afterall, uncertain. We were all afraid what the vet was going to say.

I gladly snapped away, getting close ups of their hands on him. I wanted the family pulling together around him. I wanted him to look soft and loved. Since Snickers wasn’t his usual self we let him dictate what he wanted to do. Yes, the dog ran the show that day. After all, it’s all about him, right? We didn’t do a lot of posing or moving things to get an immacutlate background. This is not an application to get into Home & Gardens magazine. I love the kids art work in the background. This is childhood! Back up…this is FAMILYHOOD! 

Snickers went to the vet the same day. I was so glad to hear that it was just an ear infection! Nothing but some rest and antibiotic drops were needed. Happy happy ending! I’m so glad this wasn’t a good bye session. It woke us all up to making sure that we photograph what is important to us. 

If your kid has an inanimate pet as awesome as my pet cotton ball or if you want to make sure you capture your family pet, please let me know. I’d love to capture that magic!

san diego pet photographer, family dog, family pet, kids and puppies, puppies and kids

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