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Home is the Backyard

When you have little ones the easiest place for everyone to be together is at home. No packing, bags, strollers, or snacks to be packed. Just open the back door and go!

These three little girls were full of stories and giggles and fun. We started in the garden but quickly moved on to the deck with the bubble machine making a bit of magic of its own. Then dad stepped in. No need for a swing set because dad is ready for the challenge. It was a hot Sunday morning but that wasn’t slowing anyone down. I even got to jump into the games, and you know it was a great day when your photographer ends up on the bottom of a doggie pile.

I am also one of three girls with about the same age difference. I got a glimpse of what life was like for my mom on an emotional level while watching the hugs, shared secrets, and dancing. There is a lot about my mom that I couldn’t understand growing up. I learned a lot, as one does when you become a mother. And just when I think I understand who she is, life gives me another point of view. I wish for her to have had the opportunity to have photos like this. What a treasure that would be.

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