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Staying Close to Home

This family stole my heart and paid me in Oreos! You can’t imagine my excitement when they asked to do their family session in the neighborhood. Clients often ho and hum about where to do their session. My focus has always been connection. I am looking for connection, and connection is most easily orchestrated when you are where you spend your time. Where you are comfortable. 

Their daughter was the center of the session! She opened up immediately with what she loves to do–create! She is quite the budding artist, and has even made her first sale during a street display.

We moved outside into the neighborhood and there was no need for warm up clicks. Everyone was there to have a good time, hug, make goofy faces, dab, and be themselves. Not once did we say, “cheese.” Mom and dad don’t take themselves too seriously which made a ton of room for fun. 

Then the roller-skates came out. It was a favorite past time of mine, so when I saw the roller-skates in the pile of shoes I said I wanted to see what she could do. This little girl did not disappoint and proudly showed off her speed and jumps.

We gave our hugs and were ready to say goodbye. The best part of the night was when she wouldn’t let me leave without giving me a snack bag of Oreos and a craft. My heart, well, was just full.   

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If you’ve done family session in the grassy fields and the beach, I strongly recommend trying something little more personal. You’ll be surprised at the results. This was truly one of my most favorite sessions to date. Book your next session before they won’t want to wear the skates.

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  1. This was by far the best most comfortable family photo session, ever! Leyna is amazing! Thank you

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