Photographing the First Day of School

Can you smell it? Going back to school is in the air! New clothes, backpacks, school supplies, new teachers, and new friends. Yep! Lots to be excited about.

It’s a great time to get your kids in front of the camera and snap a milestone picture. And since you already have the camera out, here are some things you can do to make the most of the opportunity!

1. Get the details. That backpack looks pretty good right now, and so do those shoes. Get the details–hairstyles, missing teeth, and the like. Have your kiddo put everything on and zoom in on those details.


2. Use signage. You’ve seen these. Have your kiddo hold a sign and answer a few questions like what she or he wants to be when they grow up or their favorite food. Include this on your sign. If your penmanship is daunting, then consider adding it in later in any kind of text over picture program, like Canva or InstaQuote. If you are going to go this route remember to leave space in the frame for the words to go.

negative space

3. Friends are great too! Walking to school together? Great! Step back and get the pack walking away from you. Find a wall or another clean background and have them either lean up against it or lean on each other. Get low and think of a funny joke to make them laugh like, “Santa Clause wears Captain America underpants.”

Wish them well and give them embarrassingly long hugs. And take a moment to hand the camera over to someone (even if its another kid) and have them take a picture of you with your child. They will thank you later. Good luck!

moms first day of school

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